Writer - how to disable list/indent tools at bottom of window, or shortcut for Find Previous

In a long document, I frequently do a Find to check text above where I am (by repeatedly clicking the UP arrow in the fast-find tool at the bottom of the window) but when one occurrence of the word happens to appear in an indented/list area, the mouse pointer is then unexpectedly on top of an indent tool icon. I would like to disable this toolbar from “randomly” appearing at the bottom of the window. If I want the tools, I’ll add the toolbar to the top of the window.

(Or as a work-around: is there a keyboard shortcut to find the Previous occurrence. I know Enter/Return takes you to the Next one.)


If you searched for text using the Find Previous arrow, then the combination Ctrl+Shift+F will search for text in that direction (and vice versa - if you searched for Find Next, then Ctrl+Shift+F will look down)

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This was the answer to some similar question about a month ago (not found to give a link)

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May be Can I create a keyboard shortcut for Find Next in Writer? ?

Not exactly this one, but very similar. Questions related to the search appear (repeated) regularly - all the answers have long been given, repeating them once again is pointless. (BTW if the person asking the question was too lazy to find the answer among the existing messages, then why should we do this?)

When the unexpected toolbar appear, drag it above the Search toolbar. Next time it will appear above the Search toolbar.

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Thanks Leroy! To clarify for others: you can drag the toolbar to a few different locations. You may not want to drag it “on top of” the Search toolbar, but “above” it. Which is what LeroyG said. Sort of. Over = Above.

Placing the cursor-related-appearing toolbars at the bottom of the window is more convenient (to me), because if they are at the top or on the sides, the content of the document moves every time they appear.