Can I create a keyboard shortcut for Find Next in Writer?


Is there a way to create a keyboard shortcut for Find Next (Repeat Search) in Writer? I don’t seem to be able to find this function in the keyboard shortcuts editor.

Kind wishes ~ Patrick

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I was the villain who (inadvertently) deleted your other question and who doesn’t know a way now to make the mistake undone. Sorry!

These things happen. Thanks for letting me know. - Patrick

I have found the question (using Google) and the solution below, thanks to you.

Shift-Ctrl-F is defined by default as find next. You could also define your own using Tools-Customise on the Keyboard tab.

If you decide to add your own shortcut, the LibreOffice function name is not Find Next, but Repeat Search.

Thanks! I would never have found that!

Please include the essential information of BigRAI’s comment into your answer. In LO 6.4, that shortcut is not anymore defined, and indeed users may have a hard time to find out the function is “Repeat Search”. This information should be consolidated in the answer because a comment may disappear.

I tried to add my own shortcut (CTRL+SHIFT+F) to Repeat Search but pressing these keys jumps to the previous occurrence. I am guessing this key combination is already bound but I can’t find it to unbind it.


Just tested in and it works as expected. Did you close the Find bar (with, eg. Esc) first?

Yes, I closed the Find bar. Strangely, CTRL+SHIFT+F now doesn’t seem to do anything at all. It doesn’t even go back to the previous occurrence.

@BigRAI You may have an upgraded version? On a fresh install of Ubuntu, Ctrl+Shift+F for me was not defined. I will upvote the answer when the information on the function name is included.

@Vanadium: checking my exported keyconfig, I did, indeed, modify Ctrl+Shift+F.

I will upvote the answer when the information on the function name is included

Bearing in mind that answer was given nearly 2 years ago, I think it unlikely that it will be updated.

Next and Previous commands can be assigned shortcut keys. These work with the selection in ‘Navigate by’ drop down. When ‘Repeat Search’ is selected the search can be made in the forward or reverse direction using the assigned Next and Previous shortcut keys.

As of writing (2021-05-06) I in Writer in Tools-Customise see that Next and Previous are described as Next and Previous Tracked Change, which is not what the question asks for at all.