(Writer)how to fix wrong characters position in vertical text direction ?

Everything is perfect in horizontal text direction . If change to vertical text direction ( Format → Page → Page → Text direction → Right-to-left (vertical) ) , the asian characters are floating out the right place.Read the following two images , the asian text content with ( paragraph ) black border is never changed , just only set the text direction from horizontal to vertical.

How to fix them? Is it a bug ?


Source : https://openload.co/f/Md06GF0r7uk/LIBRETEST.odt

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Is it about text in a table or what? In a table, I see no problem (LO, Windows 7, SimSun font for CJK characters). Perhaps, you should try another font.

It is not about text in a table. just chaged the “text-direction” , Format → Page → Page → Text direction → Right-to-left (vertical) . That’s paragraph’s black border , not table’s . you can check the odt source .

and i tried all fonts , not just one. the font shows in the question is MingLiU , that’s the best one.

If your page is so narrow as shown in the picture, it might something wrong with LibreOffice relating font management. But wouldn’t Draw be more suitable for making such narrow labels? Think that text boxes are perfect for this job. Ask on mailing list and file a bug report if necessary.

this issue have been fixed in 5.4.