Writer: How to move toolbars?

So, in Writer I used to move my toolbars next to each other so that they only occupy one horizontal bar. That was pretty easy and intuitive, you just had to hold a bar at the three dots or something similar on their left side, move them around and they’d dock themselves. In the last years this was with Ubuntu.

Now, when I installed Libre Office on a new Computer (Windows 10) the three dots have vanished and I can’t seem to find a different way to move the toolbars. Help and Videos are from 2017 and 2018 and still speak of those three dots. Please help. I rely heavily on a nice working environment in LibO. Thank you.


most probably you are using LibreOffice version 7. There was a change, which locks the toolbars to avoid inadvertently floating toolbars. You need to:

  • Right click the toolbar
  • Deselect option [x] Lock Toolbar Position

Now the dots reappear and you get the previous behavior.

Ref.: LibreOffice Release Notes 7.0 - Standard Toolbars

Hope that helps.

Click View > User Interface > Standard Toolbar, you should then be able to see the column of 5 dots to the left of each toolbar so you can arrange them as you like. Alternatively, you could try the Single Toolbar or Contextual Single in that menu.