Writer: Is it possible to generate a list from Character Styles?

I have used some Character Styles in LO Writer. Is it possible to generate an automatic list/register and a reference to where in the document (page nr.) they are present?

In the side bar, at the bottom, change from Hierarchical to Applied Styles to see the styles in the current document

Unfortunately Edit>Find & Replace doesn’t search for character styles (only paragraph styles).

Thanks for the reply. I’m wondering how to get a list of “keywords” and “surenames” in my document. I’ve given them different Character Styles, but perhaps this is not the best way to do it? Like a surename-register at the end of the document so its easy to find the right person mentioned in the document etc.?

Quoting @perolay: “…but perhaps this is not the best way to do it?”
It’s surely a specifically bad way.
@ajlittoz aready hinted how to get your surname index by appropriate means.
Remains the question how many names you aready marked the bad way, and if you made sure to always used the same character style.
Only if the answers are “very many” and “yes, surely”, an attempt to automate the revision might be sensible.
To find all the text portions having set a specific named character style, you can use the well-known ecxtension AltSearch.

Thanks for the help. This was very useful and a lot easier. Still has a lot to do manually, but this looks like the right solution. Its about 45 pages with around 100 keywords and surnames, but most of them will be quick to find, I think.

@Lupp, I will check the extension out!

Apologies for not reading accurately your question. Let me reword it. Correct me if again I don’t understand.

You goal seems to be able to create a list of person names and references to where these names occur in text.

This is simply the definition of an Alphabetical Index.

The first step is to mark up the occurrences in the text:

  • Select the name (it may be simply the name, first name and family name group or anything else related to the name)

  • Insert>TOC & Index>Index Entry

  • Entry field is prefilled with the selection

    You can change it for something else: it is common that names are misspelled in ancient records. Forcing Entry to a "standard* spelling is a way to normalize or group names

  • Insert

At the location where you want the index to appear:

  • Insert>TOC & Index>TOC, Index or Bibliography
  • Select Alphabetical Index from Type drop-down menu
  • Set options to your taste
  • Eventually, change the caption for the index at Title
  • OK

This is not exclusive from having your names also character-styled so that you can highlight them in your document. Assigning a character style can be done simultaneously with the markup.
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