Writer: is there a page length limit in web layout?

I do my personal documents in web layout, which has no need of page breaks, but I’ve had one pop up in a document seemingly of it’s own accord. I tried various ways of deleting it and it couldn’t be done.

I then wondered if the problem could lie with LibreOffice, rather than the particular document. The only thing I could think of was a built-in page length limit—but I read online that there isn’t one in web layout.

However, this particular document is possibly longer than any of the others. So I removed a large chunk of it. The page break disappeared. Pasted the chunk back and the page break popped-up again. So a built-in page length limit seems the answer.

So, does LibreOffice definitely have a built-in page length limit in web view? If so, why? If so, is there anything I can do to remove or extend it?

The Web layout is implemented by using 10-meter-long pages. So yes, there is a limit.

Thanks for the info.