Writer: Is there show/hide function like HTML5`s <details> tag?

I want to be able to click on a word (or phrase) and show a paragraph, and then click on it again to hide the paragraph.

If I was coding a webpage in HTML5 I could use the <details> and <summary> tags something like:

 <summary>Show/Hide the paragraph.</summary>
 <p>The Paragraph.</p>

Which should show/hide the paragraph containing the phrase “The Paragraph.” every time the phrase “Show/Hide the paragraph.” is clicked.

Is there a way to acheive a similar sort of effect in a Writer Document?

IMHO HTML and document processing do not target the same purpose. HTML aims at providing interactive information, whereas document processing intends to format text to be printed (non interactive reading), even if more and more usage is screen-oriented. You may find some equivalent with conditional formatting but with less convenience.

The feature is present in the navigator (develop/shrink outline) but not in main text.