Writer left table columns fall off left edge and some in margin.

I have a password protected Writer document that contains a large table. The table is not appearing in the prescribed printable area of the document. Instead, several columns “fall off” the left edge and into what is supposed to be the left margin area! How do I fix this? (Win 10, version Version: (x64))

As long as “password protected”, little can be done.

How did you insert your table?

By default, in Table>Properties, Table tab, Alignment is set to “Automatic”. With this setting, table width cannot be customised and is equal to the width of the printable area.

If you choose another alignment, Width field is not longer grayed out and can be set to any value, including a wider size than the printable area.

To fix your problem, restore alignment to Automatic or reduce the width of your table.

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There was a large gap between the right edge of the rightmost column and the right edge of the printable area. Changing the width of the table did not help. However, Properties had a negative “left spacing” number! Setting that it to 0 fixed the problem. Thanks for the idea to look at Properties.