Writer (LibreOffice crashes while opening file

Writer freezes trying to open a file.

File in question:
text with pictures and hyperlinks
index, concordance file and alphabetical index
FILENAME.odt 82,5 MB (86.559.784 bytes)
When office freezes it creates new file in same folder named: .~lock.FILENAME.odt#

Latest LibreOffice version x64
(Removed LibreOffice folders in appdata (show hidden files) before install)
Reboot in safe mode and restore profile

windows update
windows defender off line and full scan newest definitions

Please help.

Before proceeding, please make a copy of your file.
Operate only with the copy now.

…new file in same folder named: .~lock.FILENAME.odt#

See: Lock file

It is a normal process.

If possible, please post your file here so someone can examine it. Thank you.

Note: When the file freezes, it is not the same as a crash

Thanks for the reply.
It says “not responding” and jut shows as high CPU use in Win 10 task manager while not making progress) (sorry should have said its on W10)
Thought so much about the lockfile.
It is a book my wife is writing (and well before the crashes started nearly finished) so I am not sure how she’d feel about me posting it on a public forum :slight_smile:
What tool could I use to inspect the file myself?