Writer: Listbox linked to an external database not clickable when opening the document


I have in a document 2 listboxes:
the first one has its content defined in its properties (Lb1)
the second one is linked to an external database (.odb file) and gets its contents via an SQL query. (Lb2)

if I save this document and then re-open it, the Lb2 field remains unclickable until the file is saved (e.g. Ctrl + S without modifications) while the listbox is not set to disable or read-only.

Is this behavior normal?


Have a good day!

files to test:

  • test.odt => containing the listboxes
  • test.odb => database file to link to the odt
  • test.csv => database content
  • Demo.mp4 => Demonstration


Have just tested this On Ubuntu Mate 20.04, LO v, using HSQLDB embedded database (you have provided none of this type of information). Had no problem and there was no need to save before the list box was accessible.

Only thought at this time is for you to post a sample and other noted missing information. No personal or confidential information please.

Thanks for your answer.

I’ve, indeed, noticed that there is no problem with an embed database, like the bibliograĥy.

I add some example files to the first message.


The problem is the SQL for the list box. You are selecting two items (one doesn’t exist) and the bound field is set to the nonexistant field:

image description

So with a simple change, remove second field & set Bound to 0, all works fine:

image description

Really thanks for your answer!

But unfortunately that doesn’t change anything, the field is still shaded and unaccessible until I save the document.