Writer lost over 100 screenshots in last 2 .docx documents! :(

I have been using LibreOffice for years and have mostly been happy, although Writer had issues in the past with screenshots in Writer documents bunching up together in some cases, which is an annoying bug, but I could eventually get it to work with workarounds, such as creating a new document and pasting all the screenshots into that OR by splitting documents up when this issue happened.

However now I have a major problem:
My last 2 Writer documents (created with latest version of Writer) which each had many screenshots, now both only have placeholders for all the screenshots (I get text showing ‘Image 1’, ‘Image 2’, ‘Image 3’ instead of the screenshots).
Old documents created with prior Writer versions are fine.

Now I lost 10 hours of work.

I checked that the option ‘view images and charts’ is enabled.

The document file sizes are also too small now 7KB and 9KB despite the hundred or so screenshots each one had, so it seems the screenshots were lost forever. :frowning:

Anything I can try to recover the screenshots which disappeared on their own?

Were the images inserted as links?

If in doubt, edit your question to attach the file (using the “paperclip” tool). Don’t forget to mention OS name, LO version and save format (.odt or .doc(x)).

No, the images were simply pasted as screenshots, just as I have done numerous times with prior versions of Writer with no issues till now (latest version - see below).
I have Writer-created documents from 2 years ago which are all fine - all screenshots are present.

OS: Windows 10 64-bit.
LO version:
Document format: .docx

I cannot attach the files since the screenshots contain slides from work training courses which I took as evidence and for future reference / refreshers - prior to annual training - same courses are due annually).

Try redoing it and save as .odt and see if the problem iis still there

Thanks, I will try that.

Side note - I created a separate thread for a screenshot dragging / anchoring issue in Writer when I hit ENTER to insert a blank line so I can insert the next screenshot below the last one.
It has been plaguing me on and off for a while but never had time to dig into which setting I need to change (seems the Anchor setting. combined with CTRL-A, may do the trick). Anyway I created a separate thread since that is a separate issue…
(Not an issue with MS Wordpad, only with screenshots when using Writer).

add a link to the question, please

Sure, here is a link to the other question:

Probably a known bug - see LO Bug 47148 (Image-Caching) - [META] Image handling problems

The image handling code was recently (2018/2019) completely rewritten to address image handling problems. The Document Foundation spent 40,000 Euros on having a professional programmer rewrite the image handling code so it was a lot of work. While substantial improvements were made it appears there are still “a few problems remaining” and the bug has been seen in Draw and Impress as well as Writer. See Comment 41

See Image handling rework for LibreOffice – Collabora’s tender results

You may find that switching off AutoRecovery helps to prevent image loss in future.