Writer Macro - how to detect existence of a freeform line and add a timestamp to a cell in a table when it exists?

I am using the freeform line to draw a “gimmick” signature with my wacom pen. Is there a way to programmatically add a protected (readonly) timestamp / date and time field to a table cell automatically based on the existence of a free form line being drawn?

Probably. Something like :
define your variables
list the draw objects in your document
among the draw objects array look for the polyline (it might be possible to look directly for this if you only have one such object in your document
if the search returns an object assign a value
create a subroutine to trigger where that value is “x”, construct or obtain a timestamp from com.sun.star.DateUtil
find your cell, then insert the timestamp value. You could probably also add a button with associated macro that would enable you to recheck each time a new drawing object is added.

Your best bet for this kind of stuff is the OpenOffice forum.