Writer - master document: show filename of inserted file

I’m completely new to master documents and am having difficulty even with the terminology so forgive me if you can:

I have ‘inserted’ a number of odt documents to the master but want to see at each insertion point the filename of the document. I see that I can open a property dialog to see that information, so it is available, but I want to see it as part of the text.

Is this possible? If so how?

The filename is a private property of a file. Consequently, it is known only from inside the document corresponding to this file. As such, you can’t access the “slave” document name from the master.

However, the workaround is easy: in each slave document, add a new paragraph at head (or any convenient location, but head seems the best). This paragraph will contain Insert>Field>Other Fields, Document tab, type File name with the format you’d like.

I suggest also you give this paragraph a dedicated style, so that changing this style (in the master) to hidden will hide all the filename insertions at once for final production.

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