writer media playback toolbar missing

Raspberry Pi 4B; Installed:

The full LibreOffice suite

When a FLAC music file is entered:
Main Menu Insert → Media → Audio or Video … → “Insert Audio or Video” dialog box.
A FLAC-encoded music file is selected and the link box is checked. [Note, the file is playable by the Writer media player.]

This results in an icon that is musical in nature (4 lines of staff and an eighth note) being placed in the document. When the icon is clicked, however, the media playback toolbar does not appear (bottom or top).

Prior to updating to the full LibreOffice suite and gstreamer components, adding the above media object resulted in an error dialog saying “The format of the selected file is not supported.”. Following that, this gstreamer package was added:

This was sufficient to allow the insert media action to complete without error, and result in the above-described icon. Update to the full suite, and the gstreamer plugins had no further effect on this behavior.

Subsequent thrashing about.
Main Menu View → Toolbars → Media Playback
Initially resulted in a Media Player icon at the bottom of page, with a toolbar handle to its left. This tool was deleted from the menu, by means unclear. But new behavior emerged following this.

Now when the audio icon is clicked, the media toolbar appears. Original problem has been cleared. The only nagging issue is that the one control most needed (repeat, so that the media can be endlessly looped) is active - the position slider responds to it - but it does not enable looping. I doubt anyone has gone down this particular path, so unless a developer should happen across this, I’ll just be content with what functionality I have.

In the future I’ll draw a state diagram to detail such quirky GUI pathways, so that I don’t lose my way.