Writer more than 5 List Styles

I never thought I would be in a situation where I would need more than five list styles. I am now in that situation and I cannot find a way to create more than five.

I need an additional three different styles of Lists, to create a total of eight list styles. Default is, List 1 to List 5 and when creating List 6 manually, I am unable to use that in the Outline & Numbering editor.

Can I create more List style entries that can be used within the Outline & Numbering menu, or must I use the other style of Numbering 1 to Numbering 5?

I cannot reproduce your problem: I just created a new list style called “MyList” and I can see it on both, paragraph formatting and paragraph style under “outline & numbering” tab → List style. Tested on

You can create as many list styles as you need, but are you really using the built-in styles as they should?

A list style is nothing more than a paragraph style associated with a so-called “list style”, in fact a style defining the numbers or bullets for the list.

List styles (as a combination of a paragraph style with a “list” style) define a hierarchy of items, i.e. the same style is used for all nested levels of the list.

Newbies (and I did that when I began to use LO) tend to assign List 1 to level 1, List 2 to level 2, etc. and fall short when their list extend to level 6.

“List styles” have some “magic”: if you type Tab at the beginning of a list item, the item is “demoted” to level 2; with 2 Tabs, the item is shifted to level 3, and so on. Indent, bullet or number style, number alignment, … for all levels are controlled by the “list” style. You customise it by modifying it just as you would for paragraph or character styles.

Think of this as an analogous feature to chapter numbering, which conceptually is a kind of list style dedicated to headings.

The paragraph styles names List x and Numbering x define 5 + 5 families of lists. Make them consistent. For example, use Numbering 1 for lists with arabic numbers on all levels, Numbering 2 with alphabetics and Numbering 3 for Roman numerals. Within each family, 10 levels are available. Levels can be numbered only with number or with all sub-levels with optional fancy separators.

I your use case is different, please edit your question to explain your needs and I’ll answer it.

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