Writer navigator does not highlight location

I am using headings to separate a book into chapters, and am using the navigator pane to navigate through the book. On my Mac, the navigator in LibreOffice Writer shows the position of the cursor–if I mover to another part of the book, the navigator highlights the heading above the section I am in. On linux, the navigator only highlights the heading text that I clicked on in the navigator. It does not change from that regardless of where I am in the document.

Is there a way to get this to work?

Linux Mint 17.2 LibreOffice

[edit: added lo4 + mint17 tags]

I’ve since found that the behavior difference between the Mac version and the Linux version is the Content View button setting. The Mac was set to hide the other categories, the Linux to show all.

On both platforms, the headings list responds to the cursor position in the document when the Content View button is set to show only the selected category. It doesn’t report the position when the button is set to show all categories.