Writer: new style from selection automatically created as conditional and can't be changed

In Libre Office
In writer, I am creating a new style from the selection. The style created, appears with the category conditional style with no condition. If I modify the style category to custom or other, it automatically goes back to conditional.
On the otherhand if I create a new style using simply the new menu after right click on existing style the new style is custom.

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IMHO, conditional styles are a false good idea. Once they are created you can’t modify them in any way. They act as context-sensitive styles, kind of one-size-fits-all. When you reach the phase when you optimise your formatting and layout, you can’t do anything with them. In the end, traditional “manual”-controlled styles are much better.

I don’t know how your style ended up in the Conditional category, but avoid it.

Also, don’t trust Create Style from Selection. If you are not following a strict styling discipline, you’ll easily end up with unexpected attributes in your styles due to direct formatting or even character styles applied. Once again, this feature is a quick’n’dirty one to experiment but don’t rely on it for polished not “single-shot” job. The most reliable approach is to design your styles first, store them into a template file and base your documents on this template. When you note your styles need some adjustments, do this in the the template, then reopen the dependent documents. LO will ask if it should update the styles.

Above all, don’t use direct formatting. It messes up your styles and, contrary to common belief, mastering a document with direct formatting requires super-guru skills.

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Many thanks, I have absolutely no idea how the conditional formating appeared. It seems to only occur when I use the create new style from selection button in the style side panel (i.e. not the menu).
Anyhow yes I realize how direct formatting is real messy and will follow the more rigorous approach you suggest.