Writer : No ligatures for OTF font?

I have three operating systems : a Linux Distro based on Ubuntu 12.04 (LibreOffice 4.0), Ubuntu 13.10 (LibreOffice 4.1) and Windows Vista (LibreOffice Portable

I always use Linux Libertine O, notably because of its elegant ligatures. However, these ligatures (Example: “The Queer Affix”) only appear in Ubuntu 13.10 and LibreOffice 4.1… why not with the others?

We have the same kind of issue today: on linux v4.2 or 4.4, aotmatic replacement of ligatures of an OTF file is working file, but as soon as we try with same version of LibreOffice on Windows, the automatic change does not happen anymore… any idea why? and how to solve this issue?

OpenType features for so-called simple scripts (like, Latin, Greek) etc. were supported on linux starting from version 4.1, I believe they are supported on Mac from the start. On Windows, however, they are not supported and AFAIK no one is working/intending to work on it currently.

If you restrict yourself to Linux Libertine, you can use the Linux Libertine G font which uses Graphite technology that LibreOffice supports on Linux and Windows for all versions (but not on Mac).