Writer not printing but displays preview

Writer document displays in Print Preview, but only a blank page prints.
I reviewed some other questions and ensured I updated the default printer in Printer Setting to match current printer. Still only a blank page prints.
Thank you.
LibreOffice Version
MacOS Monterey

Can you print another document within LO?
Can you print another document from another source, such as a PDF or image?
Have you done a test print from inside printer settings?

Usually when I encounter a printing error, it is the dang printer itself. I have steps (like above) to narrow down the source of the problem.

Thank you for responding.

None of my documents in LO will print directly to my printer. The documents all have the wrong default printer attached to them.

I’m trying to find a “universal” default printer to match my default printer in Apple settings, to no avail. I’m wondering if there is a conflict between the Apple default printer and the LO default printer.

When I save an LO document to a PDF, I can print that. My issue is that I see the document when I choose Print Preview, but when I choose to print, the “preview” disappears.

I’m wondering if I need to reinstall LO??

Attached to them?

I use Win 10. When I click the print icon, a menu appears. From that screen, the General tab, I can select what printer I wish to use.

Can you print from any other software?