Writer not Saving Bold/Coloured changes

My Writer used to work fine in that when I applied the Bold & Colour change attributes to say a line, it saved the file & those changes were kept.

But now its only keeping any changes I make to lettering, and dumping the Bold & Colour changes.
This has been with new .ODT files I created.

I tried removing LO & installing the latest version from the website in case it was my (Mint) version that was broken, but no change.

Could it be Java or a kernel update that broke it?


Edit your question to provide more technical details: OS name, LO version, save format (you mention .odt). Since we can’t see your screen, attach a sample file so that we have an idea about what’s in the document. A priori, no kernel update can cause this and Java is not used in formatting.

If you have a dark theme applied in Linux it might also include a high contrast theme which might prevent some colours from being visible. Do the colours print?

Variable fonts might not display, export or print properly as support is accidental. If the desired font offers variable and static fonts then always install the static fonts. For example if you wanted to use Google font Quicksand, the download includes the variable version and the static versions in the zip file. Delete the variable or install only the static version depending on how your OS handles fonts.

Thank you both for your replies, sorry I’ve been silent but Xmas …

UPDATE:- from testing yesterday I seem to have found the following;
If I try to change the formatting of letters in a newly made ODT file that I created in Writer, it keeps changes after I Exit/Save the file.
If I edit a file that I produce by right clicking in a folder & change its “Untitled Document” name to “a new file name”.odt then the error with saving formatting changes occurs.
So is it that when a file is created that way in Linux Mint 20.x it regards the file as a text file despite it having the ODT extension from the inception?


When you right-click to create a new file, this creation is managed entirely by the OS: an empty file (0-byte sized) is created and it receives whatever name you give it (the extension is part of the name).
The OS uses the extension to launch the application.
LO doesn’t trust extensions (and doesn’t use them to select the component handling the file). It reads a sample of the file at its beginning and determines from the contents what it is. An empty file is empty and handled as .txt, i.e. absolutely not formatted.

Don’t create emty files in the OS. Create your files when you need it from within the managing application.


Yes indeed! I will apply that in future