Writer not searching inside text boxes

Windows 10 Pro using LibreOffice

Writer is not searching inside text boxes on my machine.

  • I create a new paragraph line with the word “test” on it.

  • I create a new text box and put the word “test” in it.

When I search, the program finds the first instance of “test” but not the instance of “test” that is in the text box.

I have a macro that automatically inserts a highlighted address part of a letter into an envelope. It does that by searching the envelope for the word “address” inside a positioned text box.

I need to use the positioned text box because my printer requires that I ‘flip’ the address upside down before printing (something my macro also does is flip the text box).

This does work on Win7 with LibreOffice

There you have it … my problem for today.

Appreciation in advance for any help you can provide.

John in Medford, Oregon

Working to make Linux useful to office workers
but in this case it’s Windows 10!!!

Strangly it is working properly now with 5.0.22

This is because of this commit. From the bug report that is addressed by this commit, it’s clear, that the ability to search in text boxes was introduced between 5.1.3 and 5.1.4, and removed since 5.2.1.

Thank you so very much. I doubt I would have ever found such a bug report, I am still learning how to search for and report bugs. Hardly even know when something is a bug. Thanks again.

I will uninstall and go back to