Writer not working well

Good morning, right now I have two problem with writer.
The first one is that it write only in uppercase, I cannot write in lowercase.
The second one, I noticed that the style behavior is very variable. If I load “modern” style, when I select some title and assign as “Title 1”, “Title 2” and so on, often the style applied is not “modern” but the standard one, and in no way I can assign the modern.
How can I solve?


Check the status of Caps Lock. There is no “modern” style. You may mean that you are writing a letter, using the Modern template for letters, but that’s just a guess.

Please be a bit clearer about what exactly you are doing.

Answer to the second part: all styles can be modified. So, modify to your needs.

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Report your OS name and LO version.

What is your modern style? This only built-in “Modern” I know of is related to letters created with templates with File>New>Templates. Are you trying to write a letter with one of these?

There is no Title 1 or Title 2 among the built-in styles. If your UI is not English, you perhaps mean Heading n meant for the chapter headlines (chapter titles). How do you “assign” them to your paragraphs? Describe precisely what you do.

Text in full uppercase may result from the Caps lock key having been depressed. Do you also get uppercase in other applications?

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And there are some fonts that only have glyphs in uppercase, or it was selected Capitals in menu Format - Character… - Font Effects tab Case: effect.