Writer numbering

I have a Writter issue. I am trying to create a layout for my document (It is a complex on with figures, tables, equations, numbering etc). When I add e.g .a table it does not show the Table number in Caption, but only the Field saying " Number Range Table". If I insert the page number it only says “Page Number”, etc…In the print preview though it is ok, the numbering is there. However it is very annoying and I would like to see these numbers also in the editing mode. How can I switch this on? I guess it is a simple procedure if it is the same for all features where I require numbering? Thanks

Using Ubuntu 20.04 and LO

Click View > Field Names (Ctrl+F9) to toggle field name / number. Cheers, Al

NOTE: If this doesn’t work please comment as there has been a issues raised with the version of LO included with Ubuntu 20.04