Writer Online help re: Page Style Bitmap Options?

Does anyone know of any available online explanations of the default page style bitmap OPTIONS as offered in Writer 7.0? (I’m reasonably sure those options haven’t changed in a while, so it’s possible that somewhere there is explanatory material.)

Same question?

How to Delete and Save Bitmaps in Page Style Area

No. Not the same question at all, though related.

On the screen entitled: “Page style: Area: Bitmap” There are set forth a series of controls as follows:

Size (width; height; scale)
Tiling position (X-offset; Y-offset)
Tiling offset (row; percentage)

What I’m seeking is an explanation of how to use each of these controls; what aspects of the bitmap image are related to these controls. To me they are opaque - not at all self-explanatory.

I’m importing external images (not the defaults) and using them as page backgrounds in books and would like to know how these stated controls relate to what I see on the pages concerned.

I have not found any explanation in the Writer documents or in the questions and answers on ask.lo.

One of the many things I don’t know is whether or not any of the other LO programs, with which I’m not familiar at all, has relevant explanations in their documentation.

The LibreOffice is a fully integrated office suite. The default and the custom background images are common for all of applications and graphic objects. If you delete (somehow) an image from the Page Style feature of the Writer, then you will lose same image from the Shape backgrounds feature in the Draw application…