writer outline - is it possible to view different numbers of outline levels for different parts of a long document?

Before going through the learning curve on new software i would like to make sure it has the one most important feature for me. With Word 6 way back when, i kept track of an entire 300 page dissertation in a single document — by expanding and contracting how many outline levels would be visible, for any size segment. I still pine for that feature.

LO Writer window is split between a main pane for document content and a side pane called Navigator. The Navigator lists all objects of the document. One category is Headings. You can develop it to show all level-1 paragraph headings. You can then develop independently one of them to show its level-2 headings, and so on.

Thus the answer to your question is yes.

When you double-click on one of the headings in the Navigator, the cursor in the main pane jumps to the corresponding heading. There is a side-effect, however: this closes or develops the clicked navigator heading (because double-click is an alternate way of expanding/shrinking to the left-side triangle).

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