Writer overwrites text at beginning of line

Libre version on Windows 10

I’m new to Libre, and while writing a document I discovered the following behavior:

When I go back to, say, correct the first letter of a line, or to add something to the beginning, the cursor changes to a thicker cursor, and everything I type overwrites what is already there, instead of adding to the line or allowing me to change the first letter.

I looked through the settings but didn’t see anything that looked like a solution. But being new to Libre, that’s not surprising, lol.

Any help would be much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Do not hit the “Insert” key of the keyboard. That will switch between the Insert and Rewrite modes.


D’oh! I must’ve hit it by accident at some point. It’s right next to the Delete key. :roll_eyes:

Thank you!

Note that
a) there is an indicator in the status bar that indicates when you are in overwrite mode - and you can click on that to toggle insert / overwrite mode in addition to the Insert key; and
b) the cursor changes to a block cursor when in a location where text will be overwritten.