Writer:- Page Navigation Pane (Correct name unknown)

Please excuse my ignorance, I use Libre Office suite only occasionally and I’m not sure of the terminology.
I have just updated to ver: x64 on Windows 10 Pro.
I notice that the left hand pane which shows thumbnails of all the pages in a document and is “navigable” is no longer shown on my new install.
I have no idea just what to do to re-instate it and have tried several seemingly promising options which all disappointed!
I need guidance so that I don’t mess up this install and have to start over again!

Are you sure you are using Writer, the text document application? You have such a page thumbnail page in Impress, presentation application, and Draw, drawing application.
Do you open LO with a double-click on an existing document or have you started Writer (from some menu or other way of launching the application) then wanting to create some new document?

Thanks for that ajlittoz, you are probably correct, I’m confusing Writer with Draw.
I have several document which extend to 20-30 pages or more, these I export as PDF’s but now notice that if I elect to open them in LO to add or edit detail, they open in odg file format, I had thought that I was using Writer!
My mistake, thank you for sorting that out for me!

PDF is not meant to be editited. PDF is a paperless print-out. PDF should be opened with a PDF reader. There are plenty of PDF readers for all platforms including phones. For editing you have to open the original text documents. If you threw away the orignals, you may be able to reconstruct a document after copying the text from a PDF reader into Writer.

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Thanks for that but for the last twenty years I have had several files which are lists of information which I amend/edit/add to.
I have always done this to my complete satisfaction using Libre Office from a context menu.
Once I have finished my alterations or updates, I re-export it to PDF format which I can send to any of my members who can easily access it via any browser without the need of further software.
I hold the “Master file” which I had not realised is in fact a Libre Office “Draw” file (.odg)

Many years ago, I used to have a licence for Soda PDF production and editing Software which could also produce very professional looking “page turn leaflets” but since that lapsed, this is the way I handle these files.
Since it works fine for my purpose, I wasn’t aware it was not the right way to go about it!