Writer Pages like Spreadsheet Cells

Is there a way to set the pages so that they are organized like spreadsheet cells, with each page being a cell? This would help me organize things without having to have multiple instances of Writer up.

@AdmFubar Thanks for your reply. The book view is actually want gave me this idea, except now I want more.

@ajittoz Thanks for your reply. Inserting a table that breaks across pages seems promising. Would doing this allow pages to go past 2n horizontally in book view?

Try book view, you may want to adjust the page size to something smaller to better suit your needs.
The book view can be adjusted in the status bar at the bottom of the window, there are 3 groups of page icons, the last group is a pair of pages that is book view.

I am not sure I understand your intent.

If it is only a matter of display, see @AdmFuBar’s answer.

If you want to use Writer like a spreadsheet with mega-cells, this is impossible because pages do not exist until they are needed. The component which manages pages is Impress where pages are called “slides”. Impress has not the same purpose as Writer and formatting is less flexible, but this could be a lead.

Structuring in Writer can be done several ways:

  • create page boundaries with Ctrl+Enter

    This is the most basic method without much support from Writer.

  • create chapters with Heading 1 paragraphs (and others of the Heading n family)

    A page break may be configured in Heading 1 paragraph style so that the page break is automatic. The chapter titles will appear in the Navigator (F5) and you can quickly scroll to them with a double-click on the title in the Navigator list.

    With Heading n, n>1, you can further structure your ideas within the chapter.

  • use sections

    Sections are also targets in the Navigator. However they can’t have an automatic page break. IMHO, this does not fit your need. Sections are mainly intended to locally change the number of columns in the page.

  • insert a table allowed to break across pages

    This keeps the concept of cells but you can’t synchronise cells with pages.

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