Writer: Paragraph style does not apply font type

I’m using the default settings,
Text Body and Default Style both have the font set to Liberation Serif size 12

I have a rogue paragraph in Liberation Mono size 72,
If I try change its style to Text Body or to Default Style,
the font size changes accordingly to the selected Style, the line spacing is also reset to the Style settings
BUT the font remains Liberation Mono, no matter which style I select, even as a Heading or as a Title

I tried to do Clear Direct Formatting (both from the format menu and with CTRL+M)
I tried to delete the User folder (in ~/.config/libreoffice/4/user)
But nothing worked.

This also happened in others PC I use

I’m using LibreOffice on Kubuntu 16.04

CANT’ BELIEVE THIS, after YEARS I (may have) found the solution!
Turns out that a wrong Character Style (it was set to Source Text) was selected for the whole document, so applying the various Paragraph Style was not changing the font

But still, isn’t it a bug if Clear Direct Formatting doesn’t clear the Character Style as well?

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But still, isn’t it a bug if Clear Direct Formatting doesn’t clear the Character Style as well?

A character style is not direct formatting so no, it’s not a bug. But there is a bug here, or better a lack of a really needed feature: it is not so easy to see where (or if) a character style is applied. The problem is tracked here:

Bug 88512 - TOOLBAR/SIDEBAR: Character style drop down control uno command

Wait. So you can, at the same time apply to the same text a paragraph style that contains font formatting as well as an independent and conflicting character style with different font formatting? And that’s not a bug? What could go wrong…

To see which character style is applied to the current location (cursor position or selection), just have the style side panel displayed (F11) with the character style list (second icon from the left selected). The active character style is highlighted.