Writer: paste function pastes text into additional random areas of doc

Hi guys and thanks for taking time to read this. Hopefully someone can help me. When copying text into a Libreoffice writer document, the text will be pasted into one or more additional random areas such as another paragraph, in the header or footer, and so on. It happens no matter where I copy the text from, even when copied from within the same document. Haven’t found anything close to this issue on google or this forum (closest was the post about clipboard not refreshing between copies).

This initially happened on Ubuntu 16.04 with Libreoffice v.5
I switched thinking a newer version would fix it and moved to Manjaro 17 with Libreoffice v.

It’s a fresh OS install and I’m working with new documents for my graduate degree.

I appreciate all your help. This has been really frustrating

The probblem may well be with your operating system rather than with writer. I have a similar situation on one of my machines, but it’s with Thunderbird rather than with Libreoffice. It’s on Xubuntu 16.04, which is getting pretty old, but another machine on the same version (but with different video and mouse drivers) doesn’t have the problem. Also could be hardware…

If you have:

  • installed new operating system (not an upgrade)
  • installed new LibreOffice (not an upgrade which would keep your profile)
  • created new documents
    and you still have the same issue,
    then I would suspect it is a hardware issue.

This also assumes you have not (re)installed some other application which may be affecting the paste function.

If the above is correct, I would suspect some sort of memory or hard drive corruption or failure.
Run diagnostics on your memory and hard drives.

That is my best WAG.

You win the prize for Weird Issue of the Day.


I do not have an answer to the problem but I have the same problem in my data base. I want to paste a correction or an item in a certain cell and it will paste it up to all of my 30 sheets in my data base in the same row. I use the past function in other non Libre programs and have never run on this problem yet. Libre needs to do something to their program to correct this malfunction. Very annoying when I am doing editing of various sheets. The ghost paste many times you do not realize to week after the fact.


Please do not post as an answer unless actually answering the original question. Instead use add a comment or post as a new question.

You state:

Libre needs to do something to their program to correct this malfunction.

but nothing gets changed unless there is a reported and confirmed problem and then only when there is a volunteer to make the change - Open Source. So if the you have a problem report it here → Bugzilla or if you wish, post a new question with specifics regarding your problem.