Writer PDF Export only possible in Version 1.6


I’ve been using LibreOffice for a while now and my company would also like to convert most of the client PCs.
However, one thing that is still holding us back is that it seems you can only use version 1.6 in LibreOffice when exporting Writer documents to PDF format.

Is it known when the functionalities of version 2.0, which has already been released since 2017, will be added?


The recent Fresh version of the LibreOffice is 7.3.4.
The recent Still version of the LibreOffice is 7.2.7.

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Hello Zizi,

it was about the PDF version exported from Writer (see PDF - Wikipedia) not about the version from Writer or LibreOffice itself.

Choose File>Export As>Export as PDF…:

What specifically holds you?

  1. What is wrong with the PDFs that LibreOffice generates? I don’t believe that it’s the number in the PDF properties that makes you sad. Or is it?
  2. Not that this is important (the only important thing is #1), but - just curious: which software that you use generates PDF 2.0? I tried Word 365, and it generates PDF 1.7.
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Maybe my further explanation is too technical, but I will try to explain it.

We often have orders from government organizations, which is why two features of the PDF 2.0 standard are important for us. First, the newly added AES 265 bit encryption (PDF 1.7) and also the better accessibility features for end users (PDF 2.0).

Currently we use MS Office which allows the export to the 2.0 version via a setting in the options.
For this reason, I would like to know if this topic is somewhere on the roadmap of LibreOffice, since the standard has already existed for several years and has not just been released.

Michael Warner has assigned tdf#55425 to himself; but he admits that the progress is slow, as of 2022-05-11. I suppose that it would not only resolve import, but also enable export.

I don’t think there’s some “PDF 2.0 Accessibility” META in the tracker - any specific missing a11y functionality (regardless of the spec version where it appeared first) should be tracked in tdf#139007.

There is no “roadmap of LibreOffice” at all. Everything in the project is done because some developer decided to do that (a volunteer took something that they liked, or a professional implemented some paying client’s request). So if you need some function, your options are:

  1. Do it yourself;
  2. Hire someone (e.g., have a professional support);
  3. Hope that that will get implemented some day.
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That answers my questions.
Thank you for the answer.