Writer: Put endnotes on same page as text, before references

I’m having trouble formatting an academic journal article. I need the endnotes to appear on the same page where the main text ends (rather than starting on a new page), and to be able to put the reference list after the endnotes. The existing answers to these questions are now out of date, so the fix through the ‘insert → section’ menu doesn’t work anymore. Is there an updated way to get endnotes to not start on a new page, and to be able to type ordinary text after them?

Thank you!!

In which sense “the fix through the ‘insert → section’ menu doesn’t work anymore”? Do you get any error message? It works perfectly fine here. Which version of LibO do you use? Please, provide more details.

I’m using LO I’m able to insert–>section–>footnotes/endnotes, and under endnotes tick the box for ‘collect at end of section’, but adding this section to the document where I want the endnotes to go doesn’t put them there. There’s a section with the cursor in it, but the endnotes still appear at the top of a new page tacked onto the end of the document. Is there a way to get the endnotes to go into the manually created endnotes section?

You need to put the document content inside the section.

Version: (x64)
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CPU threads: 2; OS: Windows 10.0; UI render: default; VCL: win;
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Calc: threaded

The 'Place endnotes at end of section" does NOT work. There is nothing I can do to get the EndNotes on the same page as the parent text, section or no section. This seems to have happened spontaneously - because last week on the same installation this behaviour did NOT happen!