Writer Real-time collaborative development?

Hi, i really need real-time collaborative feature in Writer.
At the moment, i know, there is no solution for this need, but i’d like to know if there is some development project started to bring this feature on Libre Writer.
If not, it would be great if the dev team wuold take this in considetration.
I’d like to start by my self this implementation, someone know where can i find some info about that?

At the moment, i know, there is no solution for this need

Incorrect. There is existing working real-time collaboration solution, covering Writer, which is LibreOffice Online. No other development is happening or planned in real-time collaboration area.

And do you know if it is possible to open a request about that?

a request about what? as I mentioned, the solution is already there.

sorry, i meant it would be great if LO online would works on my company’s server instead of a external server.

But that’s the very point of LO online: you can deploy it on your own servers. It’s open-source, and free (of course, if you have some serious requirements, you’d need someone to support you).

LO-Online works well with Nextcloud/ownCloud/etc, other integrations exist too. Perhaps this is of help: Professional Support | LibreOffice - Free Office Suite - Based on OpenOffice - Compatible with Microsoft

Thank you.