Writer responding weirdly to ctl-v

I use ctl-c and ctl-v to cut and paste to the cliboard - and until now it has always been fine. Now however, if I try and paste a previously cut line I get the line that the cursors positioned at (i.e. the line I am pasting above) displayed in a khaki colour with a strikeout line through the text. I have no idea what this is or how to stop it from happening and go back to the normal cut and paste functions. I have even tried closing down Writer and then reloading it with no effect. Can anybody tell me what’s going on please - I am assuming I have triggered some sort of function in Writer by pressing some combination of keys in error. As things stand at the moment, the program is completely unusable. I am using W10 version 1903 on a PC and libreOffice version Thanks.

This is no weird behaviour.

You inadvertently enabled track changes mode with Ctrl+Shift+V (note the Shift key). You can desactivate the mode with Ctrl+Shift+V again or Edit>Track Changes>Record to uncheck the box.

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