Writer reverts changes to table content style if row inserted/deleted

  1. Create a table (say 2 column, 6 row)
  2. Change the font and font size for the style element “table contents” - apply the change
  3. Edit some cell contents - notice the current style element for ‘table contents’ is not applied
  4. Select all cells in the table
  5. double click the ‘table contents’ style - now the correct formatting of that style element is applied
  6. Insert or delete a row in the table - now all cells of the table loose the attributes of the ‘table contents’ style

This is probably part of a libreoffice bug 115573

I confirm that 2.5 years later, this problem, blocking serious use of LibreWriter tables, still exists.

I followed the above recipe and have none of the described problems.

Last comment in tdf#115573 mentions LO, maybe Windows-specific?

Here LO, Fedora 31

For your “confirmation” to be taken into consideration, mention your LO version and your OS. Otherwise it is as worthy as “I have a problem with my internet provider” without citing the name.

Confirmation of problem.
Confirmation info. Version: (Windows 10 x64)

A table with Table Header style headers, bold and centered.
Table entries with custom Text Body para style. Nothing special, just spacing etc.

With a cursor placed anywhere in the table body cells: Table/Insert Rows Above (for example) wipes out the header formatting, and some cell formatting as well. A CTRL-Z does not reverse the damage. Happens every time.

As a work around:
1 Select the “Auto Format Styles” button or drop-down selection of the Table menu
2 Select any of the styles, it doesn’t matter which is chosen
3 Let it be applied
4 Use Ctl-Z to revert the auto format selection

This work around does not work. However, there should be a daily build as of March 26 2018 for bug 115573 that you mentioned above.