Writer: save is slow even with linked images

I’m writing a fairly large document that contains numerous images, and ALL of the images are Linked [not Embedded], yet, it takes around 11 seconds to save. So, to test whether it’s the images causing the slowness [they are of print quality, so fairly large], I saved a “test copy” of the document. Then, I went through the document and deleted ALL of the images, and tried saving it. HUGE difference! Without the images, the document saves in 4 seconds!

  • The document file size with images is a mere: 213k11 second save
  • The document file size without images is: 188k4 second save

Not that different [in terms of size]! So, why does the document, with linked images, take so dang long to save? Or, more importantly, is there a way to speed this up.

I using LibreOffice version on Win10 x64

BTW: 11 seconds may not seem that long, but while I’m writing, an 11 second interruption [every time it does an auto-save] is in interminable amount of time – whereas 4 seconds is just bearable.

Hi @ReverseEMF!

It’s interesting if this differs somehow with 6.1 which includes some substantial image handling rework (it could affect this, or not). Btw, you haven’t mentioned what version you use.

(A side note: please don’t post as wiki.)

Which size do the individual pictures have? How many pictures are there?

LibreOffice version on Win10 x64

16 images, so far, of various sizes. But, respectfully, that shouldn’t matter. Suffice it to say, the document was approaching a size of 18 MB, before I discovered the linking feature. After changing all of the images to “Linked”, the document size shrank to 213kB [that’s 0.208 MB], a nearly 9 fold change! Yet, the save time barely changed–as if the images are still embedded!

I avoided the 6.1 version because I need it to be stable. But, I’ll look into a shift to 6.1 [presently using [6.0]

OK, I installed 6.1 and now it takes 17 seconds to do a save!!! The green bar zipps across and stalls nearly at 100%. 16 seconds later, it finally finishes. Typical distorted-time progress bar!

BTW: in 6.0, the progress bar would blaze along, pause, advance some more, at rapid pace, then pause again. A pattern that repeated numerous times, before reaching the 100% mark. Now, at 6.1, it zips to the around 95%, and sits there!