Writer screen goes black

I can’t say particularly when, but periodically, when typing, the Writer text area goes black. Scrolling may reveal text above and below. I’m running macOS 10.12.6. LibreOffice

This time I was trying to use a FRAME to center my text on the page, which, I might add does NOT accomplish that at all!

The answer in another question as “accepted” is especially LAME. Word Perfect and MS Word can BOTH do this and if the open specification does not HAVE this, it is simply lagging what already existed as normal. The idea behind word processors is to do as much formatting FOR the user as possible (including rounded text box corners specified in degrees and gradients.

As to the black screen - it’s rather difficult to edit text that cannot be seen.

Hello @phubert28,
If you notice any strange behaviour on LibreOffice, the first thing to try is to reset the user profile.
(How to prevent getting a black screen when quitting LibreOffice (latest version) on MacOSX)