Writer: set title/name for drawing objects/shapes

Drawing objects / shapes / lines / arrows within writer have their titles enumerated automatically. Looking in the navigator panel (default F5) I cannot seem to set / rename the title of each object to something more appropriate. Thus they remain non-descript Shape1…Shape5, etc.

Is this possible set a descriptive name for each drawing object so they can be navigated more easily within writer?, similarly to what can be done for frames?

Drawing objects are handled a bit differently from other Writer objects because they rather are Draw objects. The procedure in:

  • In the Navigator, double-click on a object name to select it: green handles appear around the object
  • right-click the object, taking special care not to inadvertently select another object because your document contains many objects overlapping each other


  • directly right-click on a drawing object (but you may eventually select a frame due to the present mess in your document)


  • select Name from the pop-up menu (this item does not exist for frames)
  • change the name and OK

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Right-clicking on a line shape / drawing object to bring up the context menu reveals to properties labelled name.

However, it does exist under Format (menu) → name….

Thank you @ajlittoz.

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