Writer shuts down after start up

When i start up Writer, itś starts up and then immediatly shuts down automatically again. When i start up Calc, it runs fine.
I work with the preinstalled libre office suite within Linux Mint 20.2 Cinnamon.
I also removed writer and then installed it back again, but it stil does not start up.
I am new on Linux Mint, so i am not very experiencd with the terminal.

When i start up in save mode, writer works fine.
Advise to check the profile and i choose to exchange this for one which was working, but after restart it still shuts down immediatly.

I also have an USB backup, but i do not know how to use it.
I put it in before i started up my laptop, but after my password my laptop starts up normally and does not automatically goes to the usb stick.

Regards and thanks for all the help.

If going back to a profile that worked results in Writer not starting properly, then that restored profile is bad, too. Better start with a clean, new profile, then copy parts of the profile that you trust most one by one to the new one. After every copy action, start LibO to see if Writer will open properly. That way you will find the corrupted part. This will take some time. Consult Fixing user profile corruption, especially the part Manual procedure. Read carefully, and remember that this was written for the average user. You can handle it.

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Thanks for your answer.
The problem was indeed a corrupt profile and i managed LibreOffice to work fine again and learned a lot.

With kind regards

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