Writer - strange characters in all documents

Writer (Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit) displays strange characters when using Helvetica bolt or Helvetica italic font. (The normal Helvetica works fine)

This applies to ALL ODT files. So the files should be OK.

This applies ONLY when viewing the documents on screen or in print preview. When printing the documents (e.g. using a PDF-Printer) everything looks fine.

The below image shows on the top, how it looks in Writer on screen. On the bottom (= below the red line) you can see how it looks in the printed PDF:

image description

The only thing which has been changed in my system since the last use of LO is that I got a new printer. I assume that LO has trouble when the old printer is no longer available in the system.

What I tried so far:

  • Testing other software: All other software (MS Word, Inkscape, Paint.net, …) works fine with Helvetica bold/italic characters. So the font files should be OK.

  • Installed LO again.

  • Created a new (empty) writer document from scratch - this also shows this problem.

  • Printed the document to PDF, saved the document and reopened the file. Problem still there.

Any idea?

Helvetica is probably an Adobe Type 1 font, and LibreOffice no longer supports that, I think.

I did some further investigations with plain user profile etc.

Finally, it turned out, that using skia rendering causes this problem. After disabling skia in the options, everything looks fine.