Writer: Strange Dash/Underscore Behavior

If I type a series of dashes (e.g., “-----------------”) and hit return, the line is expanded to the full width of the document and the dashes change to a solid line—I would include an example but I’m unable to select only a portion of the characters (i.e., no matter what I portion I try to select, the entire line gets selected). Moreover, a hard carriage return preceds the line and the line cannot be selected independently.

Similarly, If I type a series of underscores (e.g., “_________”) and hit return, the line is again expanded to the full width of the document and the underscores are bolded—I would include an example of this but the same problem as above prevents me from doing so. There is the same hard carriage return as described above. Moreover:

(1) Unlike the “dashes line,” if I try to copy & paste the transformed “underscores line” I may get two lines pasted—for a total of three or I might get the pasted line offset as if preceeded by a tab and, therefore, spills over into another line (I used Ctrl-F10 to see that there is no tab character).

(2) If I try to delete the line, the line and its attached preceeding return remains, but the hard return after the line is deleted.

LibreOffice: Version 3.5
System: Vista Home Premium 32-bit SP2, Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 @ 2.20GHz, 6.00 GB Dual-Channel DDR2, Motherboard: ASUSTeK, Graphics HP w1907 (1280x960@60Hz) Intel G33/G31 Express Chipset Family, 373GB Hitachi HDT725040VLA360 ATA Device (SATA), HL-DT-ST DVD-RW GSA-H60L ATA Device, Realtek High Definition Audio

This behavior is typical even for MS Office Word.

Please have a look at LibreOffice Help:

Apply · AutoCorrect for Separator Lines

Turning Off AutoCorrect

Drawing Lines in Text.

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