Writer - style and formatting bug compatibilities beteween mac OS and windows

I write a text and edit its style on Libre Office writer on LibreOffice version on a windows laptop. I saved the document in .odt but when I open it on a LibreOffice version on a Mac OS computer the style is completely different. Some part of the text doenst have the right font size or are not justified.
Do you know what could be the problem and how to solve it? I check for an hour on google but didnt find the solution.

Thanks a lot

How do you edit its style? Do you really mean you change some paragraph/character style definition? Or do you apply some manual formatting to the text without using styles?

Please edit your question to attach a sample file, explaining what changes you made. I’m under Linux, so if the “incompatibility” comes from a differences in OS’es, I should experience it.

here the file

link text

Your “sample” file is 71 pages long and you didn’t even comment it to draw attention on “problematic” sequences.

You’re heavily using direct formatting instead of consistent styles (paragraph and essentially character styles). As an example, your Chapter 4 heading is Heading2, immediately followed by a subheading in Heading 2 deeply modified by direct formatting (spacing above, font weight and maybe others).

Vertical spacing is mainly achieved through empty paragraphs in various styles.

Your TOC chapter is manually typed with the risk of creating discrepancies when updating text. It could be created automatically with the TOC machinery. Your Contents n TOC paragraphs are overloaded with direct formatting whereas a customisation of the styles would guarantee automation and consistency.

You emphasise your in-line foreign quotes with manual italics instead of an ad-hoc character style, same for references to figures (as endnotes!)

Restyle your document as it should, …

(continued), this will remove many possible causes of incompatibilities.

Incidental remarks: when opened, LO complains that French hyphenation rules are not loaded, though I installed them. Maybe, your document structure is also damaged.

Ok thanks a lot.
So if I well understand, I must delete all the “direct formatting” to do a style formatting is nt it?
Because I do to more direct formatting.

Sorry for the long file but because I dont have any more the first windows laptop I didnt want to re-encode the file and “record” on it possibly the problem.

So the mainly problem is that direct formatting doesn’t are not well recorded between two versions?

Unless you know perfectly well what you are doing, direct formatting is the opening gate to formatting hell. Contrary to a common intuition, direct formatting requires a deep knowledge of Writer and a long practice of styling to be of acceptable use.

Only consistent styling will offer you assurance about your document formatting. Any added manual formatting will play tricks on your back. Only a few direct formatting commands can be tolerated (those which are not possible through styles). They are not numerous.

Consequently, consider first the styles: paragraph styles define global behaviour for paras, character st. handle the “exceptions” to para formatting, page st. manage the page layout. There are other style categories but these three are the basis and cover at least 90% of common document formatting.

Direct formatting is not fully explicit: some attributes derive implicitly from computer config and are not well controlled.

thanks for your reply.
I use paragraph and character style. Maybe some some direct formatting but not as much. This a 500 pages document.

here some captures of the bug


The screenshots are simply useless. It’s not even obvious if the second screenshot from LibreOffice; and even if it were, it still would not allow to examine the document to try to check what could be the reason of the problem.

the first picture is from my LiO on mac the second is a pdf did with the original file in PC

Here’s a screenshot from LibreOffice on Windows 10. It perfectly matches your first screenshot (which you say is from macOS); so it doesn’t seem like some incompatibility between operating systems.

And here’s a screenshot of a PDF generated in that version, using Export Directly as PDF toolbar button.

So likely you need to find out what have produced that PDF. Was it a different software used to open ODT? Like using MS Word maybe?

The PDF I did and upload on my previous comment was did on a laptop computer with LiO (the windows one). Even if I dont have a screenshot from de LiO Interface it was more or less the same appearance han the PDF.

Screenshot on the same Win10 system using version 6.4:

I suspect that you simply had screenshoted different versions of the document, where Windows version included some newer formatting, absent on the older copy of the document on macOS.