Writer table of contents formatting

Hello, can someone give quick clue or short answer how to format the table of content like this one. See image below:

The main question is how to get a tab space after chapter numbers and where this setting is hidden and driven by what? I couldn’t figure it out, or the TOC borrows the heading style from chapters Heading styles, or this tab is set in the numbering styles. But none worked for me when changing them, because there no specified numbering style as well.

Bear in mind, that there are entries without numbering, which do not have a tab spaces. The default LO TOC gives spaces(exact 1 space) after numbers. There where no other styles specified in the Right click on TOC->Edit TOC->Styles tab-> no styles specified for all levels, except to the TOC header.

I’m using the newest stable LO realese version Version: (x64).

P. S. This formatting came from MS Word docx format i.e. the file is originaly created by MS Word. So the imported styles gives nothing that as in the image above.

The file for experimenting: BP šablonas LT 2021 – kopija.docx - Google Drive

This is a pretty common TOC layout.

I assume the source for the TOC entries are Heading n-styled paragraphs with numbering enabled in Tools>Chapter Numbering. In other words, you used only built-in features and did not “pollute” them with list numbering (as can be added with toolbar buttons) or other kind of tweaks.

If this is not the case, begin with document revision to bring it to “standard” formatting.

The separation between number and entry text in the TOC is a decoration added in the various Entries of the configuration dialog (open it with right-click in TOC and Edit Index dialog).

By default, as you noticed, the Structure line requests … E# space E … i.e. number - one space in the text box - entry.

You can change this:

  • put the cursor in the text box between E# and E

  • press the Tab Stop button

    The structure line now reads … E# space T space E

  • erase the spaces around T

Repeat in all levels where you need it.

When you press T to select it, you can set the tabbing distance (rather than relying on default repeating tab stops).

For better persistent formatting, make sure your document is saved .odt.

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