Writer: Table of Contents - Page numbers not visible

I added a table of contents to a 2 column layout and found that I could not see the page numbers.

To add a table of contents: Place cursor where you want it to appear, select Insert - Table of Contents and Index - Table of Contents, Index or Bibliography….
A Table of Contents, Index or Bibliography… window opens:

The window contains 5 Tabs (Type, Entries, Styles, Columns, Background). These are explained briefly at Entries (table of contents).

The default setting for the page numbers is the page width (so, if you are using columns, or a narrower page, the page numbers may be off the page to the right).

To control the position of the page numbers, select the Entries tab.

Then select the Level on the left, the T for Tab on the Structure strip, uncheck Align Right, and add a value in the Tab Stop Position.

Thanks to ajlittoz for the explanation.

Is there a way that the help pages can be edited, and expanded (especially with images) ?

Remark: things are intuitive when they match your habits. Writer is not Word, read the manual and everything will then become intuitive.

It looks like your document is 2-column. Have you modified the TOC parameters, namely the tab stop for the page number?

Edit your question to provide these parameters or a screenshot of:right-click in TOC, Edit index, Entries tab. Don’t forget OS name and LO version.

The best thing to do would be to attach a 2-3 page sample file.

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Have a look at Q143350?

@diggers: congratulations for your skillful edit but you erased the initial question, making difficult for future users to understand what is at stake. You should at least repost the initial screenshot which clearly shows the problem.

Thanks for fixing that.

See 143350/when-i-create-an-index-in-libreoffice-writer-the-resulting-index-shows-the-entries-but-no-page-numbers-can-you-help which is similar.

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