Writer Tables problems

Hi to all. I’m just working with a large Writer document with many tables, where I need to do some modifications. The original document was created from another software in .docx format (but after opened, I saved it in .odt) and has some text and many tables that comes with only numbers and strings. But I’m using formulas for cells I modify, because many values in the table are related between them.
For example, in a table (say Paul’s expenses) I’ve e list of expenses, and the last row is normally a sum of the values above plus other calculation. Now I want to split one value (100€) and transfer a part (20€) in another table (John’s expenses), maybe creating a new row in it, but in both table I must recalculate sum’s and taxes. So I used formulas. The original document was created by a software that made the calculation and created the table only with numbers.
So my first question is: is there a way to view table reference on documents (without opening table proprieties)? Something like a label or hidden chars, best of all if we can see cell reference too… If it isn’t, i think it’s a nice idea for developers.
Second question: is there a way to copy the result of more than one cell with inside formulas, to another table? In other words, copy formulas and paste the results as numbers, of more than one cell at once (even entry table), at best holding formatting, but most important, holding numbers in separate cells. It seems a little dumb it isn’t, but I really can’t find how to do… if I copy and paste normally, I paste formulas; if I paste raw text or RTF, I got all results in a unique cell. I precise that after I wrote, for the second question I found a workaround, saving the document as Word (.doc) document, that seems not able to use formulas and saves the results instead. I need this to extract some part from my linked multi-table document and create small reports with single table (or part of them), but if I copy and paste tables with referenced formulas to another document, I get error in calculations. Saving to Word is a workaround, but for now save me to paste every single cell as plain text. :slight_smile:
P.S.: I’m working on macOS with LibreOffice

Please edit your question (don’t start a conversation with a comment at this stage) to describe your table from a “reader’s point of view”. Do they contain essentially text or are they some kind of spreadsheets? In case of small spreadsheet, are they all (or nearly all) identical in their shape and formulas, except for numeric data of course?

Writer table are not intended for extensive computations. They are primarily meant to present text in a tabular way. So, with already moderately complex formulas, it is better to work in Calc and insert/import/link part of the Calc sheet into Writer.

Don’t forget to mention OS name, LO version and save format (being aware that most formatting is guaranteed to be kept only when you save native as odt).