Writer to DOC first page header conversion issue

I’ve set up a first-page header in Writer. The document is saved as .DOC. When opening that with Word (my target audience), there’s an inserted section break instead of a first page header. Because of where the section break is, the initial header shows on the first two pages.

What can I do in Writer to ensure the first-page header converts correctly?

What version of LO are you using?
I’ve had similar issues with headers and word conversions though the difficulties seem to have lessened with each new LO version.

The target word version compounds the problem as the same header can behave differently on different word versions. While .docx brings its own problems, I do recall having less page header / footer problems with .docx conversions.

In all honesty, for distribution to a ‘word’ audience, I find that saving the document as ODF 1.0/1.1 is usually the best option. The biggest issues I’ve encountered when going that route have been some dynamic header fields becoming fixed.