Writer : Toolbar : Font Color Icon > won't change default

Hi -

Probably a simple thing I can’t fix.

The Formatting Toolbar > Font Colour

always opens with a document, with the icon showing a Red colour.

Have tried updating Styles, document Template so that this is Automatic, or Black, for Text Body, Default etc.

But still comes up as Red. And I always want black ;-). Of course…

Any pointers appreciated, thanks.

That button does not affect the default font colour for the document: that’s set by the paragraph styles in use. That button, and indeed most buttons on that toolbar are only used to apply direct formatting on top of selected text. And, generally speaking, direct formatting is a Bad Thing: the best way to use Writer is through styles, they make everything easier.

As @RGB-es says, the “default” setting of this icon on the toolbar does not affect the colour used by text in the document (which is handled by your default template and style settings). Rather, just like the “highlight” icon to the right of it, this gives a sensible initial value for the direct application of a “font colour” to your text.

This is what it looks like for me:


So … just “ignore” it! There is nothing to fix. Red is a sensible default value for this tool, just like yellow is for the highlighter next to it.

Thanks for that information, i was very confused, I did not understand why it always showed the red color there.

Thanks for the explanation guys.

I already have my styles setup as I want them - but I just want Grey as the colour on that icon. Not red.

And I do often want to use it, eg. when going through a list of stuff on a project, striking it through, and changing the font colour to grey.

Do I need to setup a macro for that?

If the functionality is there, I’d rather just change the Font Colour icon in the toolbar though.

Thanks again.

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Just create a character style with the colour you want and set a keyboard shortcut to apply that character style under Tools → Customize → Keyboard. Later on, if you decide to change that colour it would be a lot easier thanks to the use of styles.

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