Writer - typing lag in tables

I am using Version: with Manjaro XFCE on a Raspberry Pi 4 (ARM processor). I am working with reports which include large tables which were created on Windows with Word (.docx). There is annoying lag when I type text in the tables.

I have reviewed answers on typing lag and tried all the suggestions I saw, for example, no OpenCL, disabling “smooth scroll”, changing fonts, etc. No improvement. Also this appears just to be related just to tables, as typing outside the tables is OK.

I have created some smaller tables in Writer, and typing appears OK, so it’s possible that this is an issue related to conversion from .docx files.

I really do not want to recreate these report files in Writer, as it would involve a lot of work, and would appreciate any suggestions that could improve performance with the converted files.

I have the same problem in tables but some are docx and some are simply from google docs.

Running v. on Mac OS 10.13.6.

The only way I succeeded in resolving the issue was by changing the operating system. I now use Ubuntu MATE and there is no problem with keyboard lag.

That’s one advantage of Linux - I can change the operating system. I assume that you don’t have that possibility.