Writer, using Master documents, one of the linked sections ALWAYS starts a new page

Using Writer, LO 4.2, Mac OSX 10.9.4
In Writer, using a Master document, one of the linked sections ALWAYS starts a new page. Since that new page happens to be short, I can paste it into the previous page, and everything is fine. Just wondering how to do this the RIGHT way.

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By accident, an answer has appeared.

In the “subsequent” file, the file which always skips to a new page, whether desired or no, if one clicks “Format”, and then clicks “Clear Direct Formatting”, and “Save”, the resultant document, including that file, no longer has a skip to new page at that point.

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Glad to hear you managed to resolve the issue. Thanks for reporting back and indicating the solution. It sounds like some form of directly applied formatting was interfering.

This solution worked perfectly for me too. I’ve attempted to clear direct formatting in the base template so as not to have to do so in each document based on that template, but clearing direct formatting in the template doesn’t seem to affect those documents. Each of the individual ODTs linked in the master document does seem to need to be updated according to this suggestion. Does anyone else have thoughts about fixing the template?

As it is already 24 h since you posted your question, I will give you the hint to download and look into the manual. You can download from here: http://www.libreoffice.org/get-help/documentation/
Sorry for not having a better answer.

Yeah, have read the manual thoroughly, no solution.
Thanks for the thought, though.

I would check that you don’t have any hidden special characters like a PAGE BREAK in that document , the master and the proceeding document. CTRL +F10, or VIEW > SPECIAL CHARACTERS. And that the STYLES such as PARAGRAPH style do not skip to a new page. I would also agree with @ROSt53 to use the manual pages which are very useful on MASTER DOCUMENTS. Cheers Peter

hi @petermau - Thanks for making me a “rosi”; souds funny in my mother tongue. Had a good laugh. :slight_smile:

Hi @ROSt53, well I won’t make that mistake again. My apologies, I have now put on my glasses.

… using a Master document one of the linked sections ALWAYS starts a new page.

What is meant by use of the term “section” here? Is this a reference to use of the Insert > Section… facility within a sub-document or simply a reference to a sub-document? If the reference is simply to a sub-document, then the question here and bug fdo#71098 are related. The answer here may also be related.

Term “section” may be in error. Meant “new subdocument file”.