Writer v7.2.5.2 Crashes when using mouse wheel to scroll through large document (part 2)

I started this thread yesterday and somehow it got closed. So I started a new thread “(Part 2)”.

I switched back the prior version of LO v7.2.4 and v7.2.2 and they (Writer) both occasionally crash (ODT file). I then upgraded to v7.3.0.3 x64 for Win10, and it just crashed now. Writer just closes unexpectedly, no error, no warning, just abruptly closes. It crashes even when I am writing a new chapter.

Maybe it has to do with the file? Is there a way to check if a file is corrupted? How do I repair the file? It is hundreds of pages long.

First steps - Try step 2.

Since you’re under Windows, it is recommended that you reboot the computer after an update, not just make it go to hibernate as it usually does. Really switch it off completely and do a cold start afterwards. This could fix issues with user profile.

Yes that’s right. I remembered to reboot after the update. I never use hibernate or sleep mode because it causes problems. I prefer to start every day with a reboot or after I update LO.

I did a “File Save As…” to a new file name, and so far today Writer hasn’t crashed. (knock on wood). I have “Save Autorecovery Information” set to every 10 minutes so I don’t lose too many changes.

The “File Save As…” and writing it out to a new file, seems to have eliminated the problem.

I am running Libre Office (x64) and have the same problem. Save As and writing as a new file does not help. (I save in Word 2007-365 (*.docx) format because I exchange with many colleagues using Word. I get the lockup/crash whether I use the mouse middle button or the scroll bars. I see the problem on documents ranging from a few pages up to about 25 pages. Running Windows 10 v 21H2

I have been experiencing this for multiple versions for many months now. I don’t recall after which upgrade the problem started, but I did not have this issue prior to 2022.

So did you try link given by Hrbrgr? Step 5 then 2.

BTW. Always save in native format (.odt) and only export to docx for your colleagues if they really need it. Current versions of MS Office are better at opening .odt. If you need to use .docx all the time then consider buying MS Office. See Apache OpenOffice Community Forum - [Tutorial] Differences between Microsoft and AOO/LO files - (View topic)

Thanks EarnestAI. I am not familiar with the Hrbrgr reference. I didn’t see it in this topic. But I did go to the Apache Open Office Forum link and read the tutorial. I will try making .odt the default file format and exporting to .docx to see if this solves the crash-on-scroll problem. In fact, when reading the tutorial I also saw info about another problem I encountered recently when working with our attorney related to page styles, table of contents getting badly scrambled between Word and Writer.

So you didn’t read the first comment on this question? Writer v7.2.5.2 Crashes when using mouse wheel to scroll through large document (part 2) - #2 by Hrbrgr

BTW you should really have started a new question

There were some known issues in version which crashes on Windows. Those issues were resolved in version 7.3.6. See the following link for the bug fixes in 7.3.6 (as compared with 7.3.5):


As a result, would you please upgrade to 7.3.6, test it, and provide your feedback?